Friday, July 17, 2009

A cold game

Oh brrr. It's July 17th and it barely got out of the 60's today. What summer? Billy has his last baseball tournament of the year this weekend. They had a game today clear across town. Here my chucks and I are sitting in traffic. Sitting in traffic is boring.

The boys have had a sort of tough season. Last year they won a lot, this year not so much. Things seem to even out through the years. They lost their game today.
My camera seems to get wonky with all the red uniforms. Is wonky a word?

Here's an example of how things have seemed to go...the catcher makes a great throw to third. The third baseman makes the tag before the ball is in his mitt. See the ball behind his right knee?

The runner slides in..... Shucks. So close.

I do have to say, even if they haven't been having such a great year, I sure like watching this boy play. As his mom, I know that I am the only one that sees him just the way that I do....

...but what I see sure makes me proud. And for me, Billy's mom, that's made the season a winner.

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