Thursday, July 2, 2009


My blog today is going to be more random than randomness a word? Today I was taking a few pictures in my garden in the front yard when this sweet little bird hopped up for a visit. It wasn't nervous at all. Hop hop, peep peep. If you are interested in birds you would know that it's a little chipping sparrow...if you're not interested in birds you don't want to have me telling you what it I shouldn't. But I did. Random.

The next two photos have nothing to do with my text. Because I'm being random today. We've been trying to get some things done before going out of of those things included a trip to Walmart. I haven't been to our local Walmart for a while, I was startled to see some of the changes. The most noticeable thing was that the aisles weren't filled with pallets of stuff to sell. They were wide open and barren. I'm not sure if they were getting ready to wax the floors or if they have cut back on their merchandise by a lot. It was nicer for shopping, but there was a lot of wasted space. Don't you just love daisies?

There are always interesting things to see at Walmart....some weird, some disturbing, some pretty special.
I had decided to quickly look for a book to take with me this weekend. There were slim pickings....but one of the weird things I saw was a fluffy yellow feather on one of the shelves that held "romance" novels. One stop shopping? Weird. Speaking randomly about books....don't you hate it when they re-release books with a new cover so you can't be sure if you've read it or not? I'm such a visual person I remember covers more than anything....add that to the plots that all start sounding the same and I'm really confused.
There was one disturbing thing I saw at Walmart. On the top of the paper towels in the garbage can in the ladies room there was an empty early pregnancy test kit box. I couldn't help but wonder about the test taker and how bad her situation must be if she was taking a pregnancy test in the Walmart rest room. Babies can bring the greatest joy when the situation is right but such great pain when it's not. I said a quick prayer that all will be ok for her.
On a much better note, there was a family there with an elderly woman...she was in a wheel chair. They were patiently loading her into their van, smiling at one another. There was so much compassion there, you could feel it. It would have been easier for them to take her shopping list and run in and get it done quickly...but you could tell that it meant a lot to her to be out enjoying her shopping day....and the best part was that they were enjoying giving it to her. It was a good reminder to me that the easiest isn't always the best. I need to remember to take the time to smell the flowers.

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