Monday, August 3, 2009

After the Ride

We were lucky enough to have spent all of the last weekend in the country. We packed in quite a few fun things. Horseback riding, going to a county fair, and seeing a tractor parade with 100+ tractors that stopped traffic for a long time. Other parts of the weekend included chasing cows through the corn, big blisters from not wearing socks because I wasn't planning on chasing cows through the corn, fixing fence, prickly ash and barbed wire, and getting stung by a couple of bees. Ouch. No wonder I'm tired today.

The best part of the weekend for me was the horseback riding. We haven't gotten out nearly enough this summer. The horses have been sort of rusty because of it. But they were both pretty good boys this time around. We like to ride them until they're really tired out. After the ride I fed them a little and then waited on the other side of the barn to watch them tiredly stroll by. comes Czar now. Poor tired boy. I think he sees me. comes Skylar too, I think Czar maybe gave him a heads up that I was there.

They've found the energy to run and greet me....or....hey....

...wait a minute....where are you guys going?

Running and snorting....hey....I thought you were tired.... didn't miss those cows that much did you? Where are you going?

I'm your favorite friend in the whole world aren't I? Hey....slow down! are exhausted from all that riding remember?

I'm the one that just fed you and the one that pets you and talks nice to you.....hey.....

....are you picking up speed? You'd think that they hadn't seen freedom for days.

Oh, a pause to rest before flying down the ravine and up the other side. What you looking at Czar? I'm not coming after you.

Hah...they had to stop and catch their breath......see.....we did tire them out with our ride. Sheesh. Well, maybe next time.

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