Monday, August 24, 2009

In the Country

We took a quick trip up to the country this weekend, only spending Saturday afternoon and evening there. But no matter how long we are there, it's always worth the trip. The apples are starting to get ripe.

The flowers are blooming, but have taken on a fall look somehow. With the cooler and dryer days that we've had this year, it seems as though fall is coming earlier. Sigh. But we'll hang on to summer for as long as we can. It's what you do in Minnesota.

Even the weeds look sort of fallish...but still have a touch of sunshine in them if you know what I mean.

Billy is getting in as much reading and rest as he can between football practices. Looks uncomfortable to me, but he said he was enjoying the peace and sunshine.

Then there is Murphy. He's a dog for all seasons. Pet me in the summer, pet me in the fall, pet me in the winter, pet me in the spring.....

...just as long as you pet me I'm a happy dog. A little attention and lovin', makes a dogs world go around. Maybe we should take a page from a dogs book of life.

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