Saturday, August 29, 2009

Football Symmetry

Last spring I blogged about Symmetry on the farm. It was about how the animals on the farm looked alike and acted alike and moved alike. Well, after Billy's football scrimmage I looked at the few pictures that I had taken and laughed when I saw the following. There was some standing around during the scrimmage...the wide receivers took turns when they would run the different plays. Here is Billy, 2nd from the right, watching the action with one of the other wide receivers. Notice their stance.

A few plays later and they are standing next to each other again, standing the same again....

...and here....

...and here. This one was taken when a player from the scrimmage behind them came running through. The practice field was a confusing place with 3 visiting schools and 2 Eden Prairie teams.

And the final pose. The funny thing was that I didn't notice it at the time. I was focused on Billy, I didn't even notice that there was another boy standing next to him.

If there posture is any indication, these two are in sync. It just might be a good season. :-)

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