Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hay Buddies

We took a quick trip to the country last weekend. One of the first things I do is go out and say hi to my buddies. Hay Buddy! This is Czar. He likes to hang out at the barn door. He used to be so he's more of a mahogany color...shiney and brown.

Czar...where's your buddy? Hay Buddy...there's Skylar....sticking his head out of the barn window to say hi. Or to see if someone is bringing him food.

Eye spy with my little eye....FOOD! Skylar is all about eating.

We didn't quite have enough time to ride, but wanted to get some time in with the we took them out into the yard to graze. Grass everywhere, but they both wanted the same morsel. The grass is always greener when it's going into your buddies mouth.

I could lean on my buddy in the sun while he's grazing all day long....just thinking about it makes me write run on sentences. It's either that or a really bad English teacher in High School. Shudder.

OK buddy...time to go back to the pasture....

...but first a picture.....say "cheese". Or grass, or hay, or oats.....say "food".

My hay buddies. I sure do wish that they lived right outside of my back door...

....because on these busy days I could use a daily dose of lovin' in the sunshine. But it will have to wait....

...'til next time.

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