Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Shenandoah Crossing

Funny how going on a vacation gives a person more to blog about...but it also makes it so you don't have time to blog. Add internet access that was either sketchy or expensive and all of a sudden I'm behind! Let's catch up.

After staying at Williamsburg, Virginia we drove West to Charlottesville and then to a resort near Gordonsville. The resort was called Shenandoah Crossing, in the Shenandoah valley. We stayed in a quaint cabin. The resort had a stable of horses and a pair of Peacocks!

With a stable of horses, how could we resist a trail ride? Here is Billy up on his horse "Honey". Hi Honey!

Eric got to ride a very smart horse named "Cambridge".

Brian got "LB". She must have been one of the guides favorites because the guide kept smiling at Brian and asking him how "LB" was doing. Hmmm...maybe it wasn't the horse that was her favorite. Gotta keep an eye on those girls I tell ya!

I got a really big wide horse named "Junior." If he was Junior then Senior was an elephant. Wide horse + short stirrups = muscle spasms in my hips. Yikes! Other than that it was a typical trail ride, nose to tail, only walking clop, clop, clop. The scenery was nice though.

Oh Brian, "how is LB doing? Tee Hee, tee hee." Darned girls.

Hey, there is Eric and Billy! Cambridge was kind of a wide horse too. The horse flies there were as big as helicopters...well almost.

It was a fun hour where we all got to ride. I've always thought that the best way to look at the world is through the ears of a horse. Even if it's a big wide horse that walks with his nose on the ground. Peanut roller.

After the ride we caught up with my mom. She found a comfortable chair near the pool. The pool was wonderful...it had only been opened for a few weeks so it seemed extra fresh and clean.

The cool water felt pretty nice after those hot days in DC and Williamsburg. Billy thought ahead and bought a couple of splash balls.

Brian enjoyed the pool too. Pool = cute girls in bikinis = happy teenagers. He liked the cool water too.

Even my Mom enjoyed the water.

Hmmm....it looks like these two are up to something....

...oh dear...here they come....what are they going to do?

Oh...look out.....

.....Canon Ball!!!


Billy decided to take a rest and soak and float. I thought I would take a picture of his cute little toes. I think I missed it by about 14 years. How can my baby have feet that big?

Here's Brian in front of our cabin. Hard to show the cabin when I'm zoomed in on him...oops.

After supper I took a walk around the grounds. This beautiful home was on the other side of the lake near the resort. Isn't it pretty?

And then I found a blooming snowball bush. That's what we always called them anyway.

The tall pines along the driveway were impressive. We had ridden horse under them and didn't come close to the branches...just to give you a little perspective of how tall they were.

Hey...look who I found...mini golfers! I think grandma won. I don't know though, I continued my walk to see what else I could find.

There is something about a freshly painted wooden fence that says horse country to me....ahhh.

And then the sun started to set.

I'll let the pictures do the talking...

....but I will say....

...a relaxing day in a beautiful spot....

...was a perfect break from the walking and driving and hurrying from place to place.

The sunset was the icing on the cake.

Up next are the Blue Ridge Mountains, the Baltimore Orioles, and another day in DC. I might catch up after all.

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