Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Historic Williamsburg

We ventured to Historic Williamsburg on one of the hottest, most humid days of the summer. The heat index was around 110 degrees with the humidity. It seemed crowded on top of it...but I think that everyone was just trying to find air conditioned buildings to stand in!

There are re-enactments of history going on here and there throughout the day. When we arrived we saw some people making bricks....slowly in the heat.

And some basket weavers sitting in the shade. Baskets weren't being woven very quickly.

And costumed characters roamed the streets explaining things or just visiting.

I was hoping to see men on horseback...not a one....

...and hoped to see horses pulling carriages....none of those either. I think that it was just plain too hot. I don't think that it would have been very fun to be in costume that day either!

There were performers on the stage...

...Billy learned the proper way to bow properly. :-)

More costumed folks wandered about sweating no doubt.

Some girls danced and sweated and danced some more.

This man was in a skit that was pretty interesting about when black men first were allowed to be preachers.

We wandered around, looked at buildings, stepped inside the ones that were open...sometimes to learn, sometimes just to cool off a little bit.

Even the sheep were feeling lazy. "Hey lady, you try wearing a wool coat all summer, see how much you feel like doing!" Did you know that the sheep could talk way back then? Bah.

We walked some more. My mom looks short next to Billy!

One fun stop was the yarn making house. The demonstration was interesting, the colors of the yarn were fun to see.

They had spinning wheels and weaving looms there. She explained different fibers like cotton, wool and flax...and told how the fibers were shipped to England or Scotland, made into yarn, then shipped somewhere else to be woven into cloth, then shipped back...and how they were taxed each step of the way. Seemed like a crazy way to do things.

Brian found a house named after him...sort of.

I found a daisy in a garden when we were waiting for the bus back to our car. The wonderfully air conditioned bus. Ahhh.........

After spending a whole day without seeing a horse, Billy and I had to wander over to say hi to the boys in the pasture next to our motel. A little boy offered some popcorn to me to feed the horses....popcorn to horses?? Sure enough they ate it!

But from the looks of them, I don't think they turned down any snack very often! After the horses had their snacks and we had our supper, the boys wanted to go mini golfing. Pirates Cove.
Aye Matey...this mini golfing with Pirates is serious stuff.... don't want to mess with Pirates you know!
Next up, Busch Gardens.

I B Pat.


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Pat said...

Thanks for the kind words...I'm glad that you are enjoying my blog!