Sunday, August 30, 2009

I think it's Pink

Do you have a favorite color? For me, I think it's pink. Color trends come and go, in decorating, in clothing, in design...but some colors seem to strike a chord in a person and stay there. That color for me is pink. The main place I can find pink right now is in my garden. Pink mums.

Pink cosmos. I've never gone crazy over a so many little girls that loved, loved, loved everything purple. I was never the I have to have it no matter what it is if it's purple kinda girl. We've all known one of those haven't we?? But I do like pink.

Another pink cosmos. At one point, most of the interior of our last house was painted a soft pink. Pink living room, hallway, entryway and downstairs hall. Then we got some new carpeting that looked tan in the store...when it was installed it looked pink with those walls! That was a little much. Then we had two little boys. All that pink was repainted a sage green. The green walls made that carpeting look tan again. Whew. Colors are strange that way.

I sort of got a way from the color pink when the boys were smaller. Everything around me seemed to be in blue or green or red. Primary colors. Dinosaur colors. Lego colors. Tractor colors. Ball playing colors. I loved those little boys so much I started loving the colors that came with them.
I'm not sure what these little pink flowers are...they are close to a purple, but still look pink to me.
But even after the boys came along, the one place that I always, always have had pink is in the garden.
It was cool and dark in the late afternoon when I took these yesterday. I'm not sure what this one is called either, and it is mostly closed up with the weather, but I think that the center has a neat pattern.
Bright pink geraniums.

Salmon pink hibiscus.

Pink petunias! This year they are a lighter pink, with a few purples thrown in. Last year they were bright pink.

Next year who knows, maybe I'll go crazy and plant lavender petunias....

...then again, probably not. I like pink.

Our last house had giant oak trees and lots of shade. I mostly planted impatiens. Pink ones. Lots of pink ones. It's all sun here, so now it's petunias.

Good thing we moved, otherwise my blog might have been Pats Impatiens Patch. Hmmm. Maybe that would have been more accurate. But I'm liking the sunshine, and the petunias. And while I'm still loving those boys, and their bright boy colors, pink seems to be making a comeback for me. Even if it is mostly in the flowers. And a few T-shirts.
I really like this pink rose.

For flowers, for me, for sure, it's pink. Well, unless it's a bright white daisy, or a pretty yellow sunflower, or....oh...never mind.

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