Friday, August 21, 2009

DC by Bus

Remember this bus from the "We're Walking" post? Well, when we returned to Washington DC for the last weekend of our trip we got tickets to ride on it. Woohoo. All of our feet had endured enough walking for a while. It was actually a good could hop on and hop off the bus at all the sites...and the pass was good for 24 hours. We bought it on Saturday in the late afternoon and it was good until we had to leave for the airport on Sunday.

One of the things that I noticed while touring around Washington DC was the artwork that included horses. This one was on the National Archives building.

And this statue was...ummm...somewhere.

General Winfield Scott Hancock. Not so sure who he was, but the sculpture was beautiful.

The National Gallery of Art had a display with Spanish Armor and a sign with a horse to advertise it. We didn't venture into that exhibit...

...but my mom and I did spend an afternoon looking at the paintings there. My mom had painted a replica of this one, it's hanging in her house. It's not this big though! This was taken just before we got reprimanded for being "too close" to the painting. "12 inches!!!" the guard squawked in his broken English. It took us a little while to understand him and figure out what we had done. Yikes. Sorry buddy...but you need to chill just a little bit.

Since we were able to hop on a bus, we ventured over to the Nations Capitol.

I took a lot of pictures of's a majestic building.

Another horse sculpture. This one is in front of the capitol. I think that it is Ulysses Grant.
...but I don't remember for sure.

Loved the blue, blue sky and the white, white building. sculpture again. I can't help it.

We had hoped to go up the steps, but they were blocked off.

Us on the bus.

The Jefferson Memorial again...because I really liked this picture.

The bus also offered a moonlight tour of the's the capitol at night....

....and the Jefferson Memorial at night....

...and the Washington Monument from night....

....and up night. There are a pair of red lights on each side at the top...they looked like eyes to me....sort of creepy.

And that was our tour of DC by bus. Last day of our trip coming tomorrow. Whew.

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