Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Beach

After a day of touring Washington DC we hopped in the van and headed South to Williamsburg, Virginia. Our plan was to spend the day at Historic Williamsburg. Trouble was, we got a late start...and it was hot, almost 100 degrees hot. So we changed our plans mid-stream and decided to hit the beach. Virgina Beach. After sitting in a traffic jam for about an hour, we finally made it to the beach. We were greeted by Neptune...I think.

Virginia Beach is long...this is the view to the South....

...and the view to the North.

Brian was enjoying hanging out on the beach.

Eric, Billy and my mom decided to check out the waves.

Look out Billy, here comes one now!

Splash...that was easy....oh dear, here comes a bigger one!

Big splash! The waves got bigger as the time went on.

Billy took a little break.

Then the boys ventured out into the big blue ocean.

Hey boys, where are you from? Minnesota? That would explain the nice farmer's tans. :-)

My mom and Eric had fun watching the boys, the waves, and the various people on the beach.

This guy was trying to make his fortune on someone elses misfortune. Wonder if he found anything?

The evening was near....a long shadowed image of me is all you are going to see of me in my swimsuit. You're welcome. I sort of like long shadows.

And then it was time to say goodbye to Mr. Neptune....or who ever he was. I think maybe he was fishing for the Chicken of the Sea. He looked scary to me!

A long trip home with another traffic jam...but look what I saw while sitting and waiting for the traffic to move...

Hey...you can't be Pat...I B Pat. I B Pat, maybe I have a new way to sign my blog. Then again, maybe not.
Computer access has been iffy here at best....but next up is our trip to Historic Williamsburg. See you there.

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