Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Catching up - Baseball and the Home Town Parade

A few weekends ago Billy played in his last baseball tournament of the year. It was a special time, not just because it was the last weekend of baseball, but because he had some special fans at his games. Eric's brother Chris and Chris' wife Shelly were in town from Oregon and were able to make it to one of the games. From left to right, Shelly, Chris, Eric's dad Grandpa Bill and my mom Grandma Janet. Can you tell that we have had a cold summer here in Minnesota?

Chris and Shelly had some other things they needed to do after the game, so Grandpa Bill took them back to the cabin. My mom stayed for the last game and was joined in the stands by niece. Steph shared some exciting news that day....she and her husband Jim are expecting! Woohoo! They are going to be great parents....the baby is due at the end of February. My brother will be turning 50 and becoming a grandpa in the same month...tee hee tee hee...better him than me...shhhh....I didn't say that. :-)

After the game we headed to our home town for a parade! We didn't want to be late. Here are Eric, my mom, Chris and Shelly. But wait, where are Barb and Bill??

Well look at that, they are in the parade! Hi there Mom and Dad!! Got any candy?

A fun tradition with the parade is that the cars and floats in the parade toss candy to the kids. They had some good candy this year...even freeze pops! This is Dawn's boy Logan...every time he'd score some candy he'd have a deep raspy laugh "haah ha!" It was pretty darned cute.

Hey Logan, how do you like the parade so far...grin...I think he likes it.

"Look mom, balloons!"

Brian's friend David was up for the weekend and was with us at the parade. He saw the balloons, noticed Logan's reaction and all on his own bought little Logan a balloon. Sometimes these teenage boys make me smile as wide as a kid with candy.

What a sweet thing to do.

The kids had fun at the parade. Cousin Becca was there and cousin Hannah was there from Oregon with her friend Maura. Billy taunted the firefighters to spray them with water from their tank....

...they did and he ducked and his brother got the brunt of it. Poor Brian. I don't think he minded too much....even though it was a chilly day.

What's more fun than a home town parade with friends and cousins? Brian, David, and Billy in the back, Becca, Hannah and Maura in the front.

From sun up to sun down it was a busy day!

Tomorrow I'll catch up with that weekend's family reunion.

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