Sunday, August 9, 2009

We're Walking...Part 1

We arrived at Washington DC safe and sound on Friday night. Our morning started with a short walk to this fine dining establishment...yum, donuts!

Here's the crew...Brian, my Mom, Billy and me. Eric took the picture...duh.

We caught the Metro...the train into the city.

Our first stop was the Holocaust Museum. The donuts weren't sitting well by the time we were done. The museum is very moving, but wasn't set up very well for large crowds.

Then we started walking. We walked from the Holocaust Museum to the Washington Monument.

Hey boys, what are you waiting for? A bus. A bus? Hah! Nope, we are walking.

Some people got to rent Segways to tour the city. At $80 each for about 2 hours for 5 people we decided that we could walk. They looked cool though!

I loved the flags that surround the Washington Monument.

The nice breeze helped with the heat of the day.

The boys wanted to touch the side of the Monument...touch!

Eric said, come on, we are walking to the World War II Monument next. He looks like a nice guy don't you think?... about this cool bus dear? Nope, walking.

This tractor looked like a Farmall M to me, it reminded me of my I took a picture.

There were beautiful fountains there. I loved seeing the water, it was peaceful somehow.

Each of these over 4 thousand stars represented 1000 soldiers lost in WWII....a moving and eye opening tribute.
There was no wading allowed, but the pool made a good spot to take some heat out of our feet. Did I mention we were walking?

From there we walked to the Lincoln Memorial....yep....that building far, far away.

Kilroy was at the WWII Monument. He wasn't walking.

Billy and my mom needed a break, so they got to ride in the back of this bike. Sorry the picture is blurry, I thought that they would go right past us, but nope....they headed out in another direction....

....I hope that we will see them again!
to be continued...

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