Friday, August 28, 2009

The Catch

Billy started football practice the day after we got back from our trip. He'll be playing on one of the 9th grade B teams for his High School. He had almost two weeks of "two a day" practices that finished up yestereday. That meant at least 4 trips a day to the High School for us to drop him off and pick him up. Then there was that day with the missing physical forms and forgotten gear that took 6 trips to get it all done. It gets sort of busy around here sometimes. Today was the first day that the team got to put some of that practice to use. They had a 2 hour scrimmage against 3 other schools and against the other 9th grade B team. Here is Billy, the 2nd from the right, waiting and watching in between plays.

Billy is playing wide receiver on offense this year. Things seem to change when the dad's that had been coaching become only fans and the High School coaches take over. It's not just the coaches kids in the ball handling positions anymore. It's nice to see others getting a chance. Billy is the player in the middle. The practice jerseys made it hard to tell who was who.

The quarterback was one of the kids on Billy's baseball team. Here's the pass....

...and the catch....and Billy turning it up field.

Go Billy! Look out for that guy Billy! Go Billy! Football is exciting.

Oh dear, hang on to that ball a little better kid....

...guess I caught him in mid transfer....whew. And then a big guy in front of me blocked my view and I didn't get a shot of the end of the play when Billy got tackled. Darned big guy.

And here's Billy in the middle...I think that he's talking about his catch to his teammates.

I'm beginning to think that football might be a lot like fishing...telling the tall tales about the big catch afterwards is half of the fun.

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