Sunday, August 23, 2009

Welcome Home

We've been home from our vacation for a full week now...oh my's been a crazy busy week. Last week all of our fall sports started. On Monday I drove my mom home. After we had lunch and I spent some time there and all the driving to and from it took a big part of the day. Eric had a softball game that night, I should have been doing the laundry and sorting thru mail and catching up with work stuff....but seeing everyone at softball sounded like a lot more fun.

On Tuesday Billy started football practice..."two a days"...sigh. It's a lot of running back and forth. Add a mix up with his physical forms and forgotten shoes we made a lot of trips to school that day! We live pretty close to the High School, but there are about a dozen stoplights between here and there. My softball started on Tuesday too, Brian's soccer on Wednesday, co-rec softball on Thursday. It seemed like a lot to come home to. Just to add a little more busyness, we golfed in a company tournament on Friday. Welcome Home...I think. Thanks to our friend Bob, the cat and the flowers were still alive when we arrived at home. The mat at the door does say Welcome Home....and while I do see the "Welcome".....

...I mostly see how much there is to do here and how badly I need to sweep! On the other hand, maybe I'll just look at all that debris as beautiful petals strewn along the path to let me know that I am really home. Because isn't that really the best part of a vacation....the coming home?

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