Thursday, April 30, 2009

Camera Troubles

I seem to be having camera troubles lately. A lot of my pictures aren't quite turning out. They are dull, they are blurry. I'm not sure if it's the lens, if something got changed in the camera settings that I haven't found yet, if it's because the sun hasn't come out in days, or if it's just plain operator error. Probably that.

I took a few pictures at supper time last night, most of them of Brian weren't quite sharp. Brian's sharp, the pictures weren't. It might have been the lighting.

It might have been because I was rushed....he's smiling but saying "seriously mom, I am trying to eat."

Then there was Billy. This one could have been cute, but it was blurry.

Of course this one is crystal clear. Can you hear my heavy sigh? Boys.

I tried again a little later. This one is a little better, but the flash made the cat's eyes funky. Or maybe getting too much loving was what made the cat's eyes funky. Hard to say.

Here's one of Brian that's not too bad. He is a big fan of
A & W Rootbeer. Can you tell?? Something with the camera caused all the clutter in the background though. I told you I was having trouble with the camera!

When I start having troubles, I just focus on the flowers. With the camera and otherwise. Ahhh.

That's better. Maybe the camera is OK and I just have to take a little more time to get things right. Maybe I have to stop and smell the tulips.

And take time to actually focus. Like the cat. That's better.

You can learn a lot from cats and flowers. Bet you didn't know that did ya. :-)

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