Monday, April 27, 2009

What is That?

We headed to the country late on Saturday night, after Billy's baseball practice. Sunday was cold and rainy, there were even claps of thunder during church in the morning. The rain had let up after church, but it was still damp and muddy enough that riding didn't seem like a good idea. It's never too damp or muddy to wander out to see how the boys are doing though!

Hi cha' looking at?

There are only two calves so far this year. They were cold and wet and cute....and looking at something.

What cha' looking at little buddy with those long white lashes?

They were all looking at this crazed animal! Penny's in the country with room to run, and mud to roll in, and more running and rolling and being a really happy dog. Here I come! Wheeee!

Czar is wondering who unleashed the beast.

Skylar is just happy that with a little bit of rain things are greening up....

....oooooohhhhhhhh, fresh, green grass......

......Spring has arrived in the country.....Skylar says amen.

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