Thursday, April 16, 2009

Candy and Flowers.

Candy and sort of sounds like Eric might be in trouble! :-) Na, just me only being able to think of a couple of random things to say today.

Candy. The boys made quite a haul of candy this Easter. Baskets from here, baskets from Grandma Janet, an Easter candy hunt at Grandma Barb's. It adds up to a lot of candy. Billy is a chocolate his....ummm....not his dad. Brian not so much. Anyway, after a few days, all of their favorites have been consumed and I get tired of bags of candy all over the place, so I like to combine it into one big basket. Or jar. I did get their approval first. After it was all combined, Brian told me that I was being a Socialist. What?? Who's teaching them all this stuff? I didn't know what a Socialist was's a Socialist? Is that bad? Just kidding.

I'm the Mom of teenagers that don't ever want to go to the grocery store...that means I am in control of what comes into the house....and if they don't cook, I can dole it out as I see fit. So yep, I guess I'm a Socialist. Ahhh...the power. They better be nice to me. See these peeps? I think I'm going to confiscate them. Because I can. I'm kind of liking this.

Speaking of the grocery store....I had to go there today. I don't really like going to the grocery store. Have you ever figured out how many times you handle the food before you get it onto your table? It's about 10. Pick it up, put it in the cart, take it out of cart, take it off the belt and into a bag, put the bag into the car, take the bags in, put the food away, take it out to prepare, put it on the table, and then put the leftovers in the fridge. Hello McDonald's.
Anyway, I was doing my shopping today and I discovered something. Everyone knows that you should shop with a list, and that you shouldn't shop when you are hungry....but did you know that you also shouldn't shop when your little fingers are itching to get into the dirt and plant something? Flowers. These are pansies.

They weren't on my list.

But they were calling to me as I walked in the store. "Take me home" they said. So I did. And they only had to go from the cart to the car to the front step. Easy.

And you know what else, they count as groceries because they're edible. but no matter how much the boys beg to eat them, I'm not going to let them....because I am in charge of the goods around here. Now if someone would just tell that to the pansy eating rabbits we'd be getting somewhere.

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