Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Horsing Around

In addition to spending some time at the cabin on Saturday, we also spent some time with these guys. They were busy horsing around. See this guy...this is Skylar. He was getting a good chuckle out of something. I asked him what was so funny and he said that he had put some itching powder under Czar's saddle blanket.

Oh...that wasn't nice. Poor Czar, he seems to be at the receiving end of Skylar's baloney a lot lately. Itch, itch, scratch.

Heigh, heigh....hay, hay....he deserved it.....

I had to have a long talk with the big meanie about his antics. I told him that he had to be nice to his pasture mate...that they were sort of like brothers and brothers have to be nice to each other.

I told him that if they didn't get along that they would have to sit in a chair together until they worked it out....no wait....that was the boys when they were little....I told him that if he wasn't nice, no more treats for him. He was sad at first, but then saw the error of his ways.

I'll be nice, you can count on me. Where's my treat??

Czar isn't so sure, he's keeping an eye out for any more shenanigans.

Umm...I dont' blame him, I think I should have been keeping an eye out for Skylar's shenanigans too...he shed all over me. The nerve.

While those guys were horsing around, this guy was busy working.

Fixing the tarp over my Mom's woodpile. It had taken off like a kite and flew across the yard.

He does OK for being a city boy.

Even if he's thinking "put down that camera and help me over here woman!"

City boys, they get kind of bossy when they're out in the country. Makes them seem down right countrified. It's OK, it's my blog, I can make up words...and all kinds of other stuff. Have a happy Tuesday.

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