Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Tickets

Last week when we were at the Twins game, we got circled by Bert and won $100 worth of lottery tickets. They said that the tickets would arrive in the the mail sometime in the next ten days. Yesterday the boys found this package in the mail. Could it be the tickets?

Sure enough. 20 Five Dollar Twins scratch off cards.

Each card could win up to $100,000. Each card had 20 chances to win! Wouldn't it be wonderful to win a top prize?

The boys need to be 18 to play the lottery, so they officially weren't playing....but we thought it would be more fun if we could all scratch off the cards as a family. Here is Brian with the 5 he scratched off.

And Billy had five to help with.

Eric looks pretty hopeful that he won't have to go to work tomorrow when one of the cards hits it big!

Oh...and I of course had already dreamt up all kinds of ways to spend my winnings.

We each grabbed a nickel and we scratched. The cat thought that the scratching looked pretty interesting.

Scratch, scratch, scratch....

Scratch, scratch, oh be the big one, scratch....

Scritchity scratch....and the big results......drum roll please.... 6 of the 20 cards were winners for a whopping.....

.....$37.00. Phooey. The odds for winning stated on the tickets said 1 to 3.5. I guess that was about right. We're not big gamblers. Probably a good thing with that kind of luck. Winning a little bit more would have been fun, but this was probably a better lesson for the boys.
I'm not complaining, we got to go to a good baseball game, we had great seats, we got on TV, I called Bert lame, we had the excitement of maybe winning something big....and $37.00 is better than nothing! Oh, and the boys left their nickels on the table....finders keepers....
....and don't tell them, but the tickets have a second chance option where you can send them in to win wonderful prizes....and I just know that we'll win big with one of those. I'll bet ya a nickel.

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