Thursday, April 2, 2009

An Adventure

The boys are on Spring Break this week so we've been trying to do some fun things around town. Yesterday we went on an adventure. Can you guess where we are? Hmmm...this picture looks a little bit like a roller coaster doesn't it....or doesn't it?

What in the world is this? Paint? Fabric? Lights?

We had lunch while we were on our adventure. This guy kept looking at me while I was eating. I think he wanted a sip of my Diet Coke. Do you know where we are yet?

I do, I do, pick me! We were at the Science Museum in St. Paul. I was sort of worried that the boys were a little too old to get much out of it...but there were lots of things for them to see and do.

Don't Bob, Eric, and Brian look serious here? I think that they were looking at the lunch prices. Just kidding. They were reading about that red and blue object in the very first picture. It is a type of chime that plays whenever an earth quake is recorded somewhere in the world. It seemed to chime the whole time we were at lunch. I didn't realize that there were so many tremors in the world. Billy wasn't in this picture, he was trying to get my Diet Coke back from the dinosaur. He's a good kid.

Actually he was off riding a bike trying to make electricity. It takes a lot of riding to make just a little electricity. Maybe we should get one of those machines for their video games....they'd have to peddle to play. I think someone has already come up with that idea. Oh well.

They had a science lady doing experiments with liquid nitrogen. Did you know that a racquetball that has been soaked in the stuff will shatter like a clay pot when dropped? I didn't either...I thought it was cool.

There were a few dinosaurs to study. I wonder how they figured out how to put them back together. One display was an example of a dinosaur was just a pile of bones. How do they know that they got the right head on the right body and how many legs they really had? One of those things that keeps me up at night.....not.

I liked the display around this one. Eric told me wistfully how much he loved dinosaurs as a young boy. I told him I watched the Flintstones. He said that didn't count. I never did understand boys.

Brian and Bob were looking at a water display here.

It was fun to see Brian figure out how and why it worked. The little guys just like spinning the wheel to watch the water. The smart guys examine it and think about it and figure it out.

We all thought that it was cool that a hydraulic car that was built by the Eden Prairie High School Tech Ed. class in 2008 was on display as the winner of last years competition to build a fuel efficient car. The kids design got 165 mpg, with some tweaking by the scientists, they got it up to 175 mpg.

This picture was taken in the light room. They had different displays about light. I liked the pretty shadows. :-) The hand picture at the beginning of this post is from here too. The second picture was also taken in the light room. It's a bunch of colored strings that were strung to make a type of sculpture.

There was a section of the Science Museum that was all about the river. This display was about the tug boats. Each of the boys...and Bob...took a turn or two driving the tug boat.

I think that they all wiped out a bridge or two. I thought that it was funny when I went back into this area near closing time that one of the female employees was trying her hand at driving the tug boat.

I also thought that it was funny that while the boys were busy driving the simulated tug boat, a real one was traveling down the river right out the museum window. I hope that they didn't wipe out a bridge!

This is Brian standing in the misting doorway entering the water display. It was a good display to go to just before we went to the movie about the Grand Canyon....which was an eye opening example of our dwindling water supply.

So there you have it, our day at the Minnesota Science Museum. Lots of things to look at and learn about, for the young and for the young at heart.

And for dorky Mom's that put on weird glasses to embarrass their boys. Ahh...I still have what it takes, don't ya think?

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