Sunday, April 5, 2009

More on the Mall...but first Snow?

What is this that we woke up to this morning? It looks a little bit like cotton.

It's soft and white...but it's not cotton.

It's cotton pickin' snow! On April 5th. OK can go away now, we are all done with you. Good bye forever. Please.

I think I'll go back inside. Back to our adventure at the Mall of America. That crazy aqua colored photo on yesterday's post was a roller coaster track. There are several roller coasters in the amusement park at the Mall. We need things that are indoors here in Minnesota...because it snows in April here.

The boys had been on their own at the Mall for a bit...until 4:00, the magic hour when teenagers need to be accompanied by an adult to be in the mall. Our designated meeting place was Lego land. What a fun surprise to find the boys there actually playing with Legos. They have bins where you can build Lego cars and race them. Here's Billy with a little guy.

I think that the bins are set up for smaller kids, the boys had to nearly bend in half to search through the bins for just the right parts. Here is Billy, a little guy, Brian and his friend Alec.

Having to bend over didn't stop them. They dug, they built. They compared designs.

Alec's is on the left, Brian's on the right.

And the race was on. I don't even know who won...actually I think that they all did....

...they all won because they weren't worried about being seen building Lego's...and they shared with the little kids. I like that. Makes a momma proud....Dad too.

After Lego's it was on to play mini golf. Then time for something fishy.

Here fishy fishy. We hadn't been to the Underwater Adventure in the Mall in quite a few years. So, in honor of Spring break and because it's yucky outside, we ventured under the Mall...and under the water. We were welcomed by these guys. Hello people...will you feed us? Ummm....sorry.

Being in the big tube under the water is a lot like snorkeling...only dry and warm and no salt water getting in your nose. And big slimy fish like this aren't bumping into you and getting fish slim on your skin.

Hello turtle. Do you know what this turtle and Brian have in common? They both close their eyes when I'm trying to take their picture.

Camera shy I guess. Maybe I should stick to side shots.

What is that one? Did you see that huge shark?

Billy...don't touch's's hot! Oh Dear! Just kidding mom, it's a weird fake light thing.

Here's a crazy camouflaged sea horse...can you see it?? :-)

Looks like this is as close to the tropics as we'll be getting this year.

I'm not so sure I'd want to be in the water with this guy anyway. He reminds me of a spider.

Loved the neon colored did feel like we were in a different world.

After our underwater adventure we ate at Bubba Gump's. I had seemed like the thing to do.

And then my stomach felt as big as this beaver's stomach looked.

And that's all I have to say about that. The end.

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