Friday, April 24, 2009

The Garden Center

This warm weather has me itching to get outside and into the dirt! A brief glance around the yard sadly showed me how much I need to get outside and into the dirt. Between the poorly planned landscaping that was done before we moved in here, the harsh winter, and the darned rabbits....oh, and whizzer the dog....the yard is looking pretty rough. So I decided to go to the garden center today, mostly to look at a few things like edging and to buy yard bags. I was innocently walking along when this little beauty grabbed my arm and insisted that I bring it home.

It's a perennial forget-me-not plant. The flowers are teeny tiny...about 1/4" across.

They are the prettiest blue, with white and yellow centers.

I didn't need them, it's a little early to get into planting stuff, but I couldn't resist.

I should be out raking and cleaning up the yard, but I'd rather be taking pictures of flowers.

Look what happens if you sit too close to a little plant with a big ole' zoom lens...'s called a bokeh effect....and I could try to capture it all day long.

But whizzer the dog is barking to get in, and I'd better get out with my I'll stop now.
I hope that you were able to get outside today too!

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