Sunday, April 19, 2009

Play Ball!

The baseball tryouts are over, the teams have been picked, and all I can say is whew....I am glad that it's over. It's a nerve wracking time, wondering 1st if they'll make a team, then which team with which coach with which kids with which parents.....and really, in the scheme of things it truely doesn't matter. But as far as how pleasant the summer can be, it matters a bunch. There were some changes this year, some kids moving up, some kids moving down, some last minute changes with a new coach....but in our family, we are all really happy with how it turned out. First meeting is tomorrow.

Now that the season is about to begin, we got our growing boy a new pair of baseball cleats.

My little boy, my youngest, my baby....wears men's size 12 now. Too big to pass down to his dad when he out grows them. Those are some big feet. Between the two boys, no wonder I am always tripping over someones shoes around here.

But that's OK, because baseball is starting, and I won't be home again until the end of July sometime. Maybe I'll be back sometime after that. Have a happy summer.

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