Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The older I get...

...the better I used to be.

Softball is already in full swing. Trouble is, I'm not feeling like I'm in full swing form just yet. I'm hoping that it will come....but I'm so sure anymore. Older, slower, weaker....not good signs. It's an odd feeling knowing that I'm never going to be any better than I was. I used to have hope that I could be. The path between denial and reality is a bumpy one....hopefully it won't get too rough before the summer is over.

This guy doesn't have worries like that. He's just as good as he used to be. It just doesn't seem fair does it?

Speaking of how things used to be...and this is a big jump...I was looking at some of our older pictures the other day....something about my hard drive running out of room....and I came across these pictures of Billy. They were taken in late April of 2005. Just four years ago, doesn't he look like a little boy?

He was practicing playing his recorder while waiting for the school bus. How cute was that?

Time marches on. I better get moving if I hope to keep up.
Have a great day.

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