Saturday, April 25, 2009

Bridal Shower

I went to a bridal shower today. Funny how a little get together in the middle of the day pretty much takes up the whole day!

Eric's niece is getting married in June. She's the 2nd of our nieces to get married. We're at the age where our friends and siblings have been married a long time, now it's the kids that are getting married. And they sure seem like kids. I suppose that they will always seem like kids.

It seemed like Jessica was much too young to get married....then I remembered that I was two years younger than she is when I got married. Hmm. Today's shower was a women only shower. We played some games, I tied for first in one and won another...woohoo....prizes!

It was fun to see her gifts....but it made me realize how old and worn out most of my stuff is. It also made me think about how all of that mattered way back then, but it doesn't so much now.

Our things have seen lots of use, and lots of love and I wouldn't trade that for anything....but those shiny new kitchen things sure were pretty!

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