Saturday, April 4, 2009

Another Adventure

In honor of Spring Break, we went on another adventure yesterday. Can you guess where we are? Hmmm...this looks sort of like a roller coaster....or does it?

Look at the pretty colors, is it artwork? Flowers in a greenhouse?

What is this...a scary dinosaur looking at me. I think that this one is eyeing my diet Coke too. Are we back at the Science Museum?

Oh...but look at this, it looks like a fence around a castle.....

....and these rocks....they look a lot like Taylors Falls. Where could we be?

Oh, it's easy, we were at the Mall of America. Here are Brian, his friend Alec, Billy and Eric at the Moose Mountain mini golf course.

We had a fun day, even if they have a lot of rules.

I think I need a sign like this at my house. Just sayin. More on the Mall later, for now I gotta run. Have a good Saturday!

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