Monday, April 6, 2009

Cold Water Dog

We had our first meal at the cabin on Saturday...summer must be near. Eric's folks invited us for lunch...what a treat! It was only in the mid 40's, but something about the cabin makes it feel warmer. Sort of. Brian discovered that his great-grandpa's WWI helmet had fallen off the wall. Before he rehung it, he had to try it doubt wondering what it must have been like for a 20 year old to go off to war with that metal hat to protect his head. I pray that he never finds out what that would be like. Ummm....don't know where that came from, but I'll leave to the cabin.

There is something about returning to a favorite spot as winter is leaving, to see what has stayed the same, and to see what has changed. The river is still there. That's reassuring. :-)

The dog found the river...that's sort of reassuring too. But the water was cold...couldn't have been more than in the mid 30's....but that wouldn't stop this silly retriever from splashing in. You could almost hear her say.....Ahhhh...refreshing.....where's my stick? Oh, what's that over there??'s one of my people! Why is Billy hiding behind a tree? The boys like to sneak up on us behind the trees, to see if they can scare us. Didn't work. Especially with a dog keeping an eye on things. Silly kid.

Here's Brian too...he wasn't sneaking. He was just happy to be at the cabin....and thinking that the dog must be crazy!

Throw me a stick, throw me a stick, I'm a retriever, throw me a stick. Ahhhhhhh.

The current was fast so we didn't dare throw anything out too far. She didn't mind. Isn't the river beautiful? It doesn't matter what time of year.

The beauty changes with the seasons.

Unless you are a dog. Then it's the temperature that changes with the seasons. And it doesn't matter a bit...unless it's hard and white...but then you can just run on that's good too. A stick, throw me a stick! Ahhhhh.

Happy dog. Happy boys. These guys look a little too happy. I wonder what's up?

Um, might want to look out. You're about to get wet!

Ack!! Oh......that water is cold! Um, couldn't you guys have warned me a little sooner? I think it was revenge for making them eat their vegetables.

No respect, I tell ya. I think I'd better have their dad give them a good talking too. Hmmm...looks like he's laughing too. So much for that. Lunch at the cabin, it's a wonderful thing. And it means that summer can't be too far behind.

Except that we drove home in the rain, then the snow, and by the time we got home our yard looked like this.....

Spring in Minnesota, it's not for the wimpy.

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