Sunday, March 1, 2009

Wee What?

What in the world is this guy doing? Is he trying to fly? Is he trying to use his super powers to turn on the TV? Honey, the remote is in the other hand.

I'm just messin' with see, our family has joined the masses and have purchased the Wii Fit. Cheaper than a club membership, available whenever the mood strikes, it seemed like it might be a good way to get all of us off the couch...or, umm, off of the chair in front of the computer...and move a little bit.

I have wanted one for a while, but was told by an un-named teenager that I shouldn't get it because "it is an inferior gaming system". Well, I'm an inferior gamer so it works for me! :-)

Today was the first chance Eric has had to try it out....I think he likes it so far. Both of the boys have had some fun with it too....even though it is inferior to their gaming system. Does that mean they are gaming snobs? I think so. If you aren't in the know about the Wii's an exercise "game" made by Nintendo. Each person makes their own little character called a Mii (me). Then each day you log in, get weighed and your BMI is registered....and then the smart mouthed little Mii tells you how fat you I asked for that! She also groans when I step on the board...nice.

After logging in you use the balance board to do a series of exercises on. They have yoga, aerobics, balance and strength training. The more you do, the more exercises you can unlock. Having the constant feedback about your balance and how you are doing really helps you to focus on technique rather than being tired. I do need that!
The boys have been creating all kinds of Mii characters. We have Will Smith, Chuck Norris, Barrack Obama, and even a Zombie. And they call that inferior? Hmmph. So far it seems like everyone has been enjoying I have to fight for my time on it....just like everything else. Maybe I should remind them that it's inferior.
And this guy...he was pretty skeptical about the whole thing. But come to think of it, I haven't seen nor heard from him since I took this picture.
Maybe I should go check on him. I think it's that female trainer in the spandex ordering him around that got his attention. Um...excuse me....hello....come back...she's inferior....really....just ask the boys!

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