Sunday, March 29, 2009

Happy Dog

Eric and I were out on a walk with Penny today when we spotted a couple of strangers in our neighborhood. Oh wait, that's Bob and Billy. Where are they headed to?

They look like they are up to something. We had better follow them. It didn't take very long for Penny to recognize that those were some of her people walking in front of us.

Bob and Billy went to the field at a nearby school. We let Penny off of her leash to see what she'd do. "I'm free! I'm free! Now what do I do??"

" Oh looky there, my people are just ahead. I think I'll go and say hi...maybe they will pet me!"

Bob looks afraid...oh no, a wild and crazy dog is chasing us!!

Oh Bob, don't be silly, it's just Penny. Penny says "look, I found some of my people!" "I'm me!"

"Oh Boy, oh boy, look who's coming...gotta run as fast as I can to greet him....I think I know him...I think it's another one of my people...."

Sure enough, it's Brian jogging over to join the fun....

Penny says "hurray....all my people are here....all my people love me....that must be why everyone has gathered here. Pet me, pet me will ya?"

Ummmm....sorry's not all about you. We came to the field for an entirely different reason......

Life is tough for a dog...but Penny says, "that's OK, I don't care as long as you pet me in between all that weird stuff you are doing. Because, deep down, I know you are out here just to play with me."

Dogs are eternally optimistic. But then again, what could be better than having a nice open field, some sunshine, and being surrounded by your people.
Rocket launch photos tomorrow!

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