Saturday, February 28, 2009

Greg Brown Tonight...and tomorrow night too!

The other day I mentioned that Greg Brown was coming to town. When we ordered the tickets in early September it sure seemed like the end of February was a long ways off....and now, all of a sudden it's here....woohoo!

I've been a fan of Greg Brown for a long time...since around 1986 or so. My friend Mark gave me a cassette of an early recording way back when and I've been hooked ever since. I've tried to figure out why I like him sooooo much, and I think that what it comes down to is that he sings about things that I can instantly relate to using language that I'm familiar with. Simple thoughts and words that mean so much more when put together like only he can do. He understands relationships, he understands finding importance in the little things, he understands small towns and being in the country....all things that are important to and a part of me.

One of the songs on that cassette was "Early"....about a little town in Iowa. I love the chorus.
"Oooo-ee, ain't the mornin' light pretty,
When the dew is still heavy,
so bright and early.
My home on the range;
it's a one-horse town,
And it's alright with me."

Then there is "Wash My Eyes" which has more meaning to me now than when I first heard it all those years ago.
"Wash my eyes that I may see
Yellow return to the willow tree
Open my ears that I may hear
The river running swift and clear
And please
Wash my eyes
And please
Open my ears

Wash this world that is one place
And wears a mad and fearful face
Let the cruel raging cease
Let these children sleep in peace
And please
Wash this world
And please
Let these children
Sleep in peace.

When I was taking Graphic Design classes a few years ago, one of the assignments in Photoshop was to make a poster. I did a Greg Brown poster. I scanned actual ticket stubs that I had kept over the years and used them in the poster. I liked how it turned out. The best part about it was looking back at all the shows I had seen. :-)

My instructor liked it too. :-) Another song that I really like is "You are a Flower". I've always thought that it could have been written for my mom.

Your smile makes me smile
I can always see your face
You help me make it through every day
You're with me every place
You left so much here with us
Your love is all around
Your children's children
will smile that same smile
and say "oh look what I have found"
You are a flower
shining for a while
You are a flower
What a life,
what a woman,
what a smile.

There are many many more that really touch me. Simple words that say so much. But I have to say, not all of his songs are nice and flowery...and I really like those too. Probably more than I should. How can you not like a song about being down at a Mill where they shoot the $h*t with a 30 / 30? Huh?

On a side note...last night the moon was very cool...and it is supposed to be the same tonight. A little sliver of a moon with Venus (I think) just above it. It's best right at dusk. I tried to get a picture of it but couldn't come close to doing it justice. Shooting the moon is harder than you'd think...really.

So...if you get a chance, check it out. I gotta go and listen to a little Greg Brown now...just because he might say something I wanna hear.

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