Sunday, March 8, 2009

At the Farm

We went to the farm for a part of the weekend. I needed to get some hay out of the barn, so of course I brought my camera with. The sun was starting to set, this was the view looking out of the hay mow to the east. The sun was tickling the tops of the trees. There were a few deer down in the field by the trees....just little specks in this picture. I hadn't noticed them until I looked at the picture up close. I wish I had, I would have zoomed in. It's that time of year where everything is either ice or mud...but I do love how the colors change day by day there.

I guess that they change here too, but I don't seem to notice it much.

The moon was coming up, it was just a little over half full, but was still pretty. This shot is looking out of the old barn window. The barn is in rough shape, it's old, but still holds some hay and shelters the cows.

I guess I've had quite a few moon shots on here....sorry about that! It's just so much more vibrant up in the country where it doesn't compete with artificial lights.

There are some old ropes in the barn, some are attached to a pulley that used to be used to haul up the hay. Now the bales go up a portable elevator. There aren't many small bales there anymore, most are the big round ones that are stored outside.

Even though the barn isn't in very good shape, it has a lot of history...and I think that gives it some character. This is the same barn door latch that I used as a little girl when I would help grandma and grandpa milk the cows. It's the same latch that my dad used as a little boy....and probably the same latch my grandpa used as a young lad. I think that's pretty cool....but I'm kind of weird that way. :-)

Another moon, this one at my Mom's house a little later in the evening. Hey...I spared you from more sunset pictures didn't I?

And remember this picture from yesterday's "The more things change.." blog posting?

This one was taken last night, exactly 5 years later. See, not too much has changed. Well, I think Eric's folks must have lowered their cupboards or something, because Billy couldn't have grown that much...could he?

How in the world do they grow so fast? Must be all those cookies. Works for me. Til next time.

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