Friday, March 20, 2009

What I do

Sometimes people will ask me "just what it is that you do all day?" Some days I have no idea. Other days I can say that I do freelance graphic design work from home. Then I get the wrinkled forehead puzzled look that says "what in the heck does that mean?" Well, I thought I'd show you today. My main client owns a banner company. They make banners that go on street poles in towns across America. Most of the banners that I do designs for are screen printed, so the artwork is limited in how many colors can be used. She emails me the request, I do the work and email it back....usually in my pj's....don't tell. :-)

Yesterday I received the following banner request. This town wanted to replace their old banner with something similar. Please, please, note that I didn't design this one!

It was a "something like this only different job"...those can be more challenging than starting from scratch. I was restricted to 3 colors for this design. I searched for clip art, but couldn't find anything that would work, so I made my own. I mostly use Adobe Illustrator to do my work. I suppose that I should say that these are the property of my don't be copying them....not that you'd want to. I do think that it's a little better than what they had though...if I say so myself. Did you know that one of the hazards of working from home is talking to yourself?

They also wanted something to go on the opposite side of the pole. They gave me the text and requested a font and I took it from there. My client was happy. Now I just have to wait and see if her client is happy or if they need changes. I hope not, I don't like changes. It's not that I take changes personally or anything, it's just that once I do something I want it to be done forever. Just like housework. Hah!

Once the job is approved I send the original files to the screen printers ftp site and we're good to go. Working from home is great. I can pick my own hours, I can do other stuff between jobs, and I can wear pj's for as much of the day as I want to. Today I have ribs cooking in the crockpot for one of Billy's birthday celebrations. They are starting to smell really good. It's a good that my job for the day is done, because those kitchen smells can be pretty distracting. I have to be careful though....that BBQ sauce is tough to get out of pajamas. Not that I'd know that or anything.

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