Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Climbing Mountains

We go to up north to the country as often as we can. We visit our family, we help out where we can, we go to the farm and go to the cabin. We enjoy getting out of the city and enjoy getting out into the great outdoors....the air is so clean and fresh.....but by the time we get home, our clothes aren't quite as clean and fresh! This weekend there was just a little bit of mud at the Sugar Bush.

The warm spring day also meant muddy, shedding horses. Lots of grooming and brushing before we could saddle them up. Shedding must itch...because Czar kept using me as a scratching post. See his head rubbing on my back? He has always loved this, but especially when he is shedding.

I turned around and he just wouldn't stop. He has a white face...and now I have a white sweatshirt to match. I don't mind, I love the smell of horses. Really. And like to give him some lovin' by letting him rub his head on me. Ahhhh.

But the downside is....when we get home I have to face this mountain of laundry. Not only do I not get any of the laundry done during the weekend, the amount we get from the weekend really adds up. And I decided to wash sheets today too....so my pile of laundry was more like a mountain. The nice thing about working from home is that I can throw in a load and then do some design work, repeat as necessary....repeat a lot today.

Going to the country is loads of fun, but the loads that follow aren't. :-) Especially if you've been around this guy. He'll mess with ya....and then laugh about it afterwards. He was saying "if you can't handle the hair why don't you head back to the city girlie."

You think I miss all that baloney when we leave? Ya, right. And I didn't take a nice long sniff of my horse haired shirt before I threw it in the wash either...because that would be just plain weird. Wouldn't it? Hmmm....I think I better go and think about that one.

These gray days and that mountain of laundry have me feeling like I should be contemplating something. I just can't figure out what.......

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