Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Tulips Today

Spring is in the air. A week ago, not so much, but the last few days you can just feel it coming. The birds are singing their spring songs. The snow is fading fast. Tennis balls and other long lost dog treasures are emerging from the last of the snow in the yard....I didn't mean those gross treasures....but I guess that they are emerging too. Yuck. The windows are opened just a teensy bit and the air is cool but fresh. It's almost here.....but not quite. During this not quite spring time of the year I love to buy cut tulips for my table. Sort of a bridge to warmer days ahead. I bought pink and white ones this week. Molly and I want to show them to you. I told you I have a lot of help around here!

Tulips on my table top. One of the reasons I decided to take a picture a day this year was to try to see things in a new way. Even tulips. I think that they are pretty nice just in a vase.

But it's when you get up close that they really bloom. Get it? :-)

So, lots of tulips pictures today.

I took the pictures yesterday, pulling my dining room table closer to the window to catch the little bit of sun that came out in the afternoon.

I was going to go through the shots last night and pick out a couple that I liked.

But I couldn't decide. I liked a lot of them. I think that I liked them because they are pictures of tulips and tulips mean spring to me.

So I decided to wait until this morning to go through them and pick out a few. Again, I couldn't do it. I love this one. I can't help it. It's a tulip.

I usually have to get into photoshop and adjust colors or crop out the ugly stuff, or something with my photos. This set is one of the rare ones that I didn't tweak. Straight from the camera.

To your glazed over eyes. At least I'm not talking as much today. Sort of.

Are you starting to feel that spring is maybe on it's way?

My Mom and I are going to get away later this spring to celebrate tulips.

We're going to Pella, Iowa to their tulip festival. It is something that we have always wanted to do, but it was always during planting time on the farm. Things have changed, so we are heading south in early May to stop and smell the flowers. So to speak, because tulips don't have much of a smell.

But they sure are pretty. And how fun will it be to enjoy thousands of them in a Dutch community?

Eric's folks and my folk's went to Europe a few years ago, one of their stops was Holland during tulip time. What a cool way for my Dad to celebrate his Dutch heritage.

They have pictures of giant tulip fields in full bloom....purples, pinks, yellows, reds.

I don't think that we'll see anything that grand in Pella.

But if I can get this much enjoyment from a little bouquet of tulips on my table...

...I think that heading to Pella could be a really wonderful trip. And a chance to celebrate my Dad's Dutch heritage. And a chance to celebrate spring.

So you can consider yourselves forewarned...

...that around the second weekend in May... blog will probably be filled with pictures of tulips. Some focused on the outside.

Some focused on the inside.

But there will be tulips. I think that this last one sort of looks like a fish.

Molly says..."did someone say fish?" Cats have a one track mind.

I gotta run...someone has to feed that poor cat. Hope you enjoyed the tulips! Spring's a coming!

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