Monday, March 9, 2009

Horse Buddies

You probably know that I have a couple of horse buddies at the farm. they are now. Hi Boys! I couldn't resist a little visit with them after church on Sunday. I had fed them before church, their hay racks were I wasn't sure how keen they'd be on a visit if food wasn't involved. I didn't want to venture into the pasture with my good boots on, so I just stood at the gate and hollered at them. "Hey boys...come on over here and see me!"

Maybe they got confused when I said "hey" because they decided to come on over to see what was up. It wasn't "hay" Ha! Skylar got there first. He's my favorite...don't tell him I said so though. He's been a little crabby lately. I think he's tired of the ice and muck. He gets really cranky if he's hungry. He's a lot like me that way. Maybe that's why I like him best. :-)

This is Czar....and even though Skylar is my favorite, it doesn't mean that I'm not crazy about this guy too. He's kind and gentle and very curious about everything. He's been on the receiving end of Skylar's crankiness lately....poor guy. My favoritism is sort of shifting his way because of it....but don't tell them OK?

Skylar got there first, so he got a little smooch. And a scratch behind the ears. And a couple of horse treats. So, I guess food is usually involved...but it works.
Then I went and talked to this guy. He had something to tell me. He was saying that Skylar wasn't worthy of me, that he would kiss my hand if I would pick him as my favorite.

Just when I thought he was being such a fine gentleman he got a little carried away! Ack!! Fresh!!

Excuse me?? slobber on my favorite old coat.

We had to have a little talk, I let him know that I'm just not that kind of girl.

It was so bad, Skylar couldn't even watch....

...and Czar, he's feeling pretty smug that HE is now the favorite steed in the pasture.

As for me, I'm thinking it's pretty nice to be on the receiving end of their affections....

...and if they want to battle over little ol' me, I'm not going to complain...even if it is all about the treats! After all, what's a little horse slobber among friends?

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