Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A matter of Perspective

It was a fairly nice day today, almost spring like. It got up to 38 degrees. I even saw a guy out riding his motorcycle! Isn't it funny how 38 degrees in the Spring feels so much warmer than 38 degrees in the Fall? It was warm enough that I decided to get outside and build a snowman.

I rolled and I rolled, and then rolled some more. I think I used up most of the snow in our yard. I hefted and lifted those giant snowballs one on top of the other.

It was HUGE! I was sweating I tell ya.

This thing is so big it might not melt until the end of May.

The boys were at school so I had to do all the work myself. By the time I had to lift that giant head up I was wishing I had a crane to help me. Seriously.

I did have a helper though...but she kept taking smoke breaks....see.

Oh wait, I wasn't going to show you that. Ummm....maybe my snowman wasn't so big after all.

In fact it was so small that the dog decided she could just chew it up. Yum, tasty snow arm.

So did you really think that I made a giant snowman? :-) Hah! It's all a matter of perspective baby!

Well that...and the fact that you can't believe much of anything you read on here. I hope you had a chance to enjoy the day.

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