Sunday, March 15, 2009

Hockey Finals - and final hockey posting...

The last game of the last day of the High School Hockey tournament. It all comes down to this final game. Are you ready?

The ice is prepared...

...a Zamboni close-up. I never noticed the door just in front of the driver. What do you think it is for, a beer cooler? I need one of those on my riding lawn mower....well, if I had a riding lawn mower I'd need a cooler built in.

My niece Stephanie pointed out the front of this Zamboni, I hadn't noticed it before. Good to see that ice people have a sense of humor.

This guys job was to take care of the water in the hole that holds the post that holds the goal to the ice on a log in the middle of the sea. Huh? Darned children's rhymes. Anyway, first he squirts something into the hole...I didn't get that part, unless it was hot water to melt ice chunks that fell in there from the Zamboni or something....

Then he used a turkey baster to suction out the water from the hole.

And squirted it away from the whole. I'd say that from this looks of this, he has way too much fun with his job.

The officials were ready. Wonder if the guy that's the 2nd from the right gets hazard pay for the black eye. Like the old joke, I went to a fight and a hockey game broke out. It must be rough out there if the ref has a black eye. Ouch.

The eagle landed...he was ready....

...the cheerleaders were cheering, pepping up the crowd to get them ready.

The fans were ready. The E.P. kids wore black, red or white depending on their grade. I don't know what the freshman wore.

The green ape man was ready....he even brought a date. I think she's giving me the evil eye...shudder....maybe she wants my ice cream cone.

The team is ready...

The puck is on!

It was a good game. Moorhead scored in the first period...but then those dreaded words came over the P.A. system....the goal is under review. This time they determined there was goalie interference...NO GOAL. Whew. Then E.P. scored. And celebrated.

These two were key players in the game. The young goalie with the quick reflexes, and the awesome skater that might just be the next Mr. Hockey. Both were fun to watch.

In between periods unauthorized beach balls were batted around by the fans. The security guard in charge of our section took a little too much pleasure in confiscating them, then popping them with his pen with a big stab as he let out an evil chuckle...heh heh heh...ball number three gone.... Weird.

More hockey. A few unclassy cheers from the E.P. students....darned kids. Some rough stuff from both teams. A couple more goals for E.P.....

....and the game was over. Eden Prairie Eagles, 2009 Minnesota High School Boys Hockey State Champions. How cool is that??

The celebration begins. Leaping hugs....

...helmets, gloves and sticks flying and then littering the ice. Paper air planes drift down from near the rafters....

Notice the shots on goal, the game was closer than the score indicates.

The emotions of a dream realized start to flow. A pretty site. Except for that boys teeth. What's up with that?? Oh, it's a mouth

I love this shot. The emotion of the senior star hugging his coach....and the camera guy realizing that he probably missed the best shot of the evening.

Isn't hockey grand?

I liked this shot of the all tournament team too. The E.P. player consoling the Moorhead player just minutes after they battled on the ice. I like what it says about his heart....and his class.

The awards and medals were given out.

And the trophy was hoisted....while tears from both ends of the spectrum fell.

Hockey in Minnesota, it's a wonderful thing. Especially when it's shared with friends and family. Hi Bob, Billy, Jim, Stephanie and Eric...hope you enjoyed the game.

I was there too, but wasn't in the picture because I was taking it like ususal, then looking for my pesky lens cap or something. Too much excitement is hard on old people like me you know.

And now...on to Spring. Warmer days and shorter posts ahead. Hope you enjoyed the games too!

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