Saturday, March 28, 2009

Me and the girls

The girls and I have been playing some volleyball this weekend. It's been all kinds of fun. The women's team that I've been subbing for asked me to play in the State Tournament with them this weekend. I haven't played in State since around 2003. I was in a little better shape back then.

We had a little discussion about how we were going to beat those young chicks on the other side of the net.

We had a few fans...this one is especially cute...little Jake...his mom Jen plays on the team.

We passed the ball...I know, I look like a dork....but it was a good pass....

....we hit the ball sometimes too. I think I have a 3" vertical jump. This young team that we played had really tight uniforms and an official hired coach that wore flip flops on his feet. It sort of made us want to beat them even more. :-) We did beat them in the first game, but got out coached in the second. Wait, we don't have a coach...

We didn't win our pool, but we still get to play tomorrow. It should be fun, if everyone can drag their tired, sore selves out of bed for the early game in the morning. Eight games in a day can make you remember muscles you forgot you had, and remember some you wish you didn't.
It's been fun playing for this new team where I only knew one gal....because now I know 4 new gals, and they are all fun to hang around with.

Hey camera think that we are smiling at you??'s this little guy that caught our eye. He thinks we're a bunch of silly old hens.

When they're that cute...they can think anything they want.

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