Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Gargoyle Squirrels

After being teased with 60+ degrees last weekend, winter came back to Minnesota. The ground is white again. My squirrels are covered with snow. What? Huh? Squirrels? Yep, squirrels. When we moved to this house a few years ago, the patio in the back yard sported two...not one...but two...of these squirrel things. OK, I do know that they are actually called Chimineas.... and I like the idea of having a couple of chimineas to warm the patio....but squirrels?

Not just squirrels, but sort of scary looking squirrels. I've never been too crazy about squirrels, especially at our old house where we had lots of oak trees and many, many squirrels. They made feeding the birds a challenge. They would chatter their nasty squirrel chatter and laugh at me, really. The new house doesn't have many trees...which means not too many squirrels...

....but I think that these puppies more than make up for it. We haven't used them much. It seems that because of their location, any fire in them fills our bedroom up with smoke. Nice. Regardless of that, I'm not sure if I like them or if they are just plain weird.

They are both kind of scary looking...this one especially. Not quite as scary looking as a gargoyle, but almost. And since I never like to call things by their proper name, I've always called them the gargoyle squirrels. As I was looking at them today, with their fresh coating of snow, I started thinking. Maybe I can put these things to good use for once, maybe I can help speed this global warming thing along......

...maybe a fire in their belly would help to melt the snow and warm up the day. I might work!

Ummm...then again it might not. Maybe spring will come all on it's own. Tomorrow.

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