Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Lift Off Continued...

Yesterday, I left you just before the rocket was to be launched. And no, I won't leave you in suspense like that very often...I just had too many pictures for one post!

The wires were about to be touched to the battery pack to send the charge to the rocket. The countdown begins...

....five, four, three, two, one...and we have......

...lift off! The rocket accelerated off of the launch rod with a whoooooosh!

It soared high, high into the sky. See that little speck in the middle of all this blue....that is the rocket as it is falling back to the ground....it took me a bit to find it, and this was with my 300 mm lens....it's hard to describe how high it went!

As soon as the boys spotted it, they took off running.

When the parachute works, it falls gently to the ground, but the challenge is still there to catch it before it lands so the rocket doesn't get damaged.

They ran clear across the field and into the parking lot. Again, this is with the 300 mm lens.

See those specks in the middle of this picture, that is the boys without the zoom lens. They ran far!

Who caught it? Oh, it looks like it was Billy. Drats says Brian...the punk got to it before me.

But that's OK, it was fun running clear across the field. I thought it was fun staying put and taking pictures.

This bird was happy to have flown clear of the registered flight path. It was registered wasn't it? Oops, I think we forgot that part. Just kidding, it doesn't need to be registered. I just like messin' with ya.

Now it's time for Brian to launch his fancy store bought rocket. When you are long and lean you can assemble rockets with your arms and legs all twisted together. Some of us just wish we could tie our shoes and breathe at the same time.

Billy had launched the rocket he had made in school. Brian's school rocket needed some repairs, so he decided to give this fancy new one a try.

It looks pretty official, and sort of pointy and a little scary to me.

Oh, but the aerodynamics will be great Mom! Umm...ok...if you say so.

There were some discussions about the right angle to launch it. Looks like an important meeting of the minds. I love this picture...look how tall my little boys are. :-)

Can't you just see the excitement on Brian's face? Brian, what type of engine did you put into your rocket?

Oh...just C4.....

....what? Wait...isn't that an explosive? OH NO!

Heh, heh...don't worry, he's just messin' with ya. Wonder where he got that from? And now for the count down. Cinco (yes, he counted down in Spanish), cuatro, tres, dos, uno......and lift off....

....ummm....or not. The rocket got hung up on the launch rod, tipped over, and puffed, and hissed and smoked and launched it's parachute and this is how it ended up. No fatalities, except maybe a worm. But it sure was exciting!

I don't think that the rocket with the big USA on the side could understand Spanish.

Hey Billy, what's this rocket engine stuff that you guys are talking about?

Well Mom, the C stands for the size of the engine, the 6 stands for the amount of propellant and the -5 is the number of seconds before the parachute is deployed. Cool! Um Billy, I think you need some lotion on your poor dry hands. Where is your mother?

Oh, there she is, checking for damages on the launch rod. Setting it at just the right angle for the next launch....

...and seeing what Billy does to get the rocket ready for the next launch.

The wires are attached....look at those guys having as much fun with this launch as with the first one. They even liked the gun powder smell from the launched rockets.

Eric and Billy touch the wires to the battery together....

And it's funf (yep, German this time), vier, drei, zwei, eins, null....lift off!

A perfect launch into the clear blue Minnesota skies.

I kinda like being the Mom of Rocket Boys...as long as they let me play too!

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