Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Volleyball Again

Sometimes my pictures lead to what I blog about. Sometimes my blog leads to what I take pictures of. Sometimes it's neither. Today I had trouble figuring out either....or neither....or anything....or whatever. Then I started thinking about playing volleyball. Maybe it was because of the ache in my shoulder. Then I started thinking about how I could get a picture of my volleyball. So guess what, it's a blog posting about volleyball.

Eric got me a new volleyball for Christmas last year. It's already seen some wear and tear from all the games it's been in. If the ball looks like that you can imagine how I feel. :-) We play Co-Ed on Mondays and Men's on Thursdays. Sometimes the teams that we play aren't very nice...I wrote about that here. I really just put that there because I like making links. It makes me feel like I know what I'm doing. Ha.

Last night I had the honor of subbing on a friends women's volleyball team. Want to know a secret? I was nervous about playing with them. I've played for years, you'd think I'd be past the getting nervous stage. But I know that they are all good softball players, I know that I am old and slow, I didn't know how they were at volleyball. The good thing is that I'm better at volleyball than I am at softball...I think that they are the I did OK. The fun part is that the women's leagues use a lower net than co-ed and men's. By about 8" I think. It was so low it looked like a tennis net. Hitting was a hoot! They even asked me to come back for the next two weeks. That's always a nice feeling.

They were fun gals. We went out and played Bingo after the match. Two of the gals won. I wasn't one of them.
Anyway, while we were playing Bingo the waitress came over to take our order. As everyone else was ordering food, that stupid little Mii from the Wii Fit jumped on my shoulder and whispered in my ear and said "you don't need no stinkin' nachos with cheese." But I do, no you don't, but I do! Then she said, "I will moan when you step on the balance board tomorrow when you get weighed, I will tell you how fat you are." Stupid little Mii. She's messing with my life! So I passed on the nachos. She didn't dare mess with my ice cold beverage though. I think I have issues with Mii...and with me too....but it's easier to blame the Mii. And this morning when she groaned anyway, I called her a bad name.
So, this is my new ball, and I like it enough to take a picture of it. I had a lot of help. You might just see the ball....
...but this is how it looked behind the scenes. My faithful assistants.

They are a lot of help to me throughout the day. They are for hire...want one for the day??

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