Thursday, February 12, 2009

Whiney Old Men

Sort of like Grumpy old men but not as funny. Tonight was volleyball night. Eric and I have played in the men's league for 26 1/2 years....yikes...he must be old. :-) We had a double header tonight...two teams, two matches, 4 games each. For the most part, the league is pretty competitive, but still fun. Tonight it wasn't quite as fun. The first team that we played has always been unpleasant to play, tonight was no exception. They whine, they are dishonest about in / out calls, they play sloppy, they won't fess up if they're in the net, they intentionally put up a screen so you can't see the server....and they get away with it. Yuck. And to make it worse we lost all 4 games to them.

The next team that we played used to be a fun team....they've added a couple of new players. It only takes a couple to make a team not so fun. The whole first game they whined that the ball was too soft...each one of them before the serve complained about it. Did they have their own ball to use? Apparently not, but ours wasn't good enough for them. They acted like we were lying when the ball would go out and the ref couldn't see it. They'd yell when they went up to hit the ball to distract our blockers. The topper was when the ball was going out on our side they called "in" to throw our team off. Nice sports. And again, we lost all 4 games. I don't mind's just easier to lose to nice guys than jerks.

The sad thing is, they aren't young men...most of the guys in the league are at least in their 40's. Shouldn't they know better? I hope that if they are coaching their kids in any sports that they aren't passing those fine traits onto them. Maybe it's just that I'm not used to it because Eric doesn't act that way....actually our whole team doesn't act that way. What fun would that be? I'm sorry I'm venting. I shouldn't complain when I've just gotten 2 straight hours of pretty good exercise. Now I think I need to soak in the tub for a few hours.

On a brighter note...I want to give a shout out to Bob. It's Bob's birthday today. He's been a wonderful friend to all of us for a lot of years. So...

....Happy Birthday Bob! You clean up pretty good. :-)


Angelina J. said...

Wow, what a looker!

Pat said...

OK Bob, I'll pretend that it wasn't you that left the message about yourself. :-)