Monday, January 26, 2009

My Old Coat

My photo for today was going to be a bird or two at my bird feeder. I almost froze my lens off trying to get a nice picture of a bird. And I didn't get one that I was happy with. So, I settled for the rabbit. Rabbits can be sort of cute...but I've never seen anything poop so much. Yikes. How do you get a nice picture of a rabbit if they are surrounded by poop? What do they, hop,, hop poop? They must do more than that since there are so many of 'em! Oh...I didn't mean to go there. Sorry. On to the coat.

When I was about 5 years old I had this brown coat. A gift from my Grandmother....I think from the Goodwill. I didn't like it much. It was scratchy. It was too girly. It wasn't very warm. Seems like it smelled funny too. My dear Mother took me out after an ice storm to take pictures in my wonderful coat. Oh boy...what kid wouldn't have loved that?? We ended up stuck in a ditch...but my Mom got her pictures. Thank goodness I grew fast and didn't ever have to see that coat again after that one icy winter.
Last winter I was shopping and came across a coat that was on was over 50 % off. It was just what I needed so I swooped it up. A few weeks later I saw a matching hat online, marked down to around $10.00. I'm not much of a hat person, but I couldn't pass up the price. There might be a time that I'd need it. I wore the coat quite a few times. It was soft, it was warm, it felt comfortable and familiar somehow. I was pretty happy with it. But then, one night I woke up with a start...memories of that old scratchy brown coat came flooding back to me.
Oh my God...what did I do??? It's that horrible old coat coming back to haunt me! Ahhhhh!
They say that if you wore something the first time it was in style that you should never wear it when it comes back. I think that they were right. Especially if you didn't like the style the first time!! The funny thing was, I had made copies of the pictures for my Mom. My brother saw them and asked me where I found that (wrinkled nose) "old brown coat".'s actually a new coat and I sort of liked it. :-)

Anyway, I'm thinking that I should replace my coat with some kind of fur. Maybe rabbit.
I think I know where I can find some.

p.s. I actually do like my coat and am still wearing it. I don't and won't own a real fur coat. And no animals were injured in the making of this blog.


Bob said...

Holy cow, as a kid your face looked a lot like a cross between Brian and Billy's!

Pat said...

Hopefully they will grow up to be better looking than me!!