Monday, February 16, 2009

President's Day

Today is Presidents Day. That means a day off from school. That means the boys get to have some time on their PlayStation. And have bare toes. That means I can't sit and watch soaps all day today....not really, I don't do that....I'm too busy thinking of ways to put off other stuff to spend my day watching soaps!

So today the boys played games, and I got a few pictures ready for blogs later this week. I'm going to change things up here a little bit and not always blog about my picture of the day....we tend to do more interesting things during the weekends, and not so much during the I'll spread those out a little bit. I'll still be taking a picture each day, it just won't necessarily match the blog...or even get posted on the blog. So if you want to see the picture of the day, just click on the link to my flickr account on the upper part of the side bar. It might be the same, it might is full of surprises! :-)

Alrighty then, I think it's time for a little guitar hero with my guys. Happy Presidents day!

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