Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Indoor Soccer

Winters get long in Minnesota. Especially this one. It had gotten up to around 16 degrees this you know what I did? I went and watched a soccer game. The High School that Brian goes to has an turf field that gets covered up with a dome in the winter. It doesn't get very warm inside the dome, but it's still a lot better than the 16 degrees and snowbanks outside. I was comfortable in my sweatshirt and jacket...the boys seemed just fine running around in shorts.
Since it was after 4:00 pm, the dome wasn't quite light enough for pictures, but I did snap a few. Brian and his two buddies had showed up for the game...but the rest of the team didn't even show! They did pick up some spare players, the game counted as a loss but not a forfeit and at least the ones that were there got to play.
Brian still wasn't feeling very well, so he opted to play goalie since he wouldn't have to run around as much. Nice Save! He had his jeans on because he really wasn't planning on playing. He hasn't played goalie for a really long time. He made some nice saves, but the other team made some nice shots and scored quite a few times. It ended up being a lop-sided game.
He was OK with that. It was fun to see Brian punt the ball. Can you tell that he's just a little bit double jointed?
It's been nice to see Brian picking up soccer again. He played for a few years when he was really little....wasn't he cute? So serious! He was about 5 in this picture. How did he get so tall in 11 short years? After a few years he decided that it just wasn't for him.
Then he started playing again with his buddies last fall. One of the nicest parts about him playing again is that they seem to have so much fun with it. See that smile? That warms my heart every time I see matter what he's doing.
We gave one of his friends a ride home...and since we were so close to the lake as the sun was setting he agreed stopping at the park so I could take a picture. What a great kid. :-)
The sunset was pretty good too. Hope you got to see it.

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