Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Feeding Time

There is a lot to do and see on the farm....and if anyone knows about all that goes on there, it would be these two, Skylar and Czar. Look at them...they know that something is coming. They don't miss very much....ever.

I was pretty far away from them using my telephoto lens...being quiet as a mouse....and look who spotted me. Skylar is looking right at me, Czar is pretending that I'm not there, but he knows that I am....just look at his ears.

But I'm not very interesting when they know that something really interesting is coming down the road....even the cows are starting to notice.

What is it? Do you know? were right.

It's feeding time at the farm. The big bales have to be hauled with the tractor, and the one on the front is lifted high over the bale feeder and dropped inside.

The one on the back is put on the ground and the bale feeder is tipped on it's side and then dropped over the bale. That's how we do it I'm doing anything besides opening the gate and taking pictures. But opening the gate does help...a's one less trip up and down from the tractor in bulky Carharts. I tell myself that.

Anyway, this guy knew the tractor was coming before any of us could hear it. Doesn't he look wise and knowing? Doesn't he look like he wants me to leave him the heck alone so he can eat?

This guy is happy...warm sunshine on his back, yummy hay in his tummy.
This one looks a little worried that I might be ready to take some of his hay...don't worry little buddy...I like oats better.

Momma cow is thinking about something....looks like she has a complaint of some sort.

Oh...I see....not enough salt on her hay today. She had to go over to the salt lick. Those Momma cows have such sensitive palates. I guess if it's coming back up to chew again as cud, you'd want it to be just right too. English lesson for the day...cud: food brought up into the mouth by ruminating animals from it's first stomach to be chewed again. Sorry if you've just eaten lunch. :-)

So...the point of today's blog is to say.....if you ever want to know what's going on around the farm, just look at these guys. They hear all and see all. Even when they are eating.

I think I'll end on that note.

I have this creepy feeling that someone is listening to me.

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