Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Do you remember this little pile of fabric from a few weeks ago? I finally got to do my little project with it today.
I spread it out to see what I had. I knew one piece was bigger but couldn't remember which. The older I get the less time I can let lapse between buying supplies and doing projects...can't remember what's what anymore!
So I sorted it out and measured and started cutting.
See this little cutter...looks like a pizza cutter....except it is really, really sharp. Razor sharp. It works great for cutting straight lines. I'll admit I'm sort of scared of it. A lot scared of it. Might be because I took a chunk out of my finger with it once. Crafty stuff is dangerous you know. So I squared up the edges and cut a rectangle with one color. And I cut some strips out of the other patterns. Are you wondering what I'm making yet? I'm not tellin'.
Then I ironed some hems around the edges...and my pictures of that were worse than these so you'll just have to imagine the ironing.
Then I sewed the hems. I like to sew. My sewing machine is old...I got it for a graduation gift before I went to college. I was going to be a Home Economics major. The sewing class was fun...but the foods class not so much. One 3 hour lecture on the different ways to make coffee made me change my mind on Home Economics forever. Instead, I took general classes and majored in nuthin'. See how well that worked for me? :-)
OK...back to sewing. I love this fabric. There's something about dots that can make me happy just by looking at them. Maybe it's cross eyed. I don't remember...but I like dots.
I got to sew straight lines, I got to make gathers, I got to zig-zag. Isn't zig-zag a fun word? Anyone still there??
I liked working with this paisley fabric too. I will always think of Billy when I see paisley. Eric used to have a paisley shirt...one day when Billy was about 6 years old he looking at Eric's shirt and declared that the paisley swirls were shaped like sperm. After that he refused to be seen with his dad if Eric was wearing that shirt. Me too. :-) Kids make you look at things differently sometimes.
OK, the project is almost done. Can you tell what it is now? I wanted to make something frivolous and fun. If I had a model I could show you what it is.
Oh wait...here comes one now. He agreed to do it only if I didn't show his face, or say which boy it is. I don't know why, he sure looks cute.
See...it's a frivolous, fun, ruffly apron. I wonder if he'll do dishes now that he has an apron?? Just kidding, I'm going to send it to my Mom for Valentine's Day. Don't tell her, it's a surprise.
Go ahead...put some fun into your day....it's OK, no one is looking.


bob said...

Not so much wondering what you're making as how you took that one photo while both hands were busy with the fabric. Also, Billy looks good in an apron.

Pat said...

It's a secret. Actually I cornered Eric and had him take that one. The apron wearer is Brian..don't tell him that I told ya. :-)