Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I have a little secret. Well, maybe I should say that I had a little secret until I admitted it here on my blog. I love markers. I really do. And I'm not sure why.
Maybe it's all of the pretty colors. I know that is part of it. Maybe it's because they remind me of when I was a kid.
Maybe it's because there are so many different kinds. The markers in the pictures are sort of cool...they have a fine tip but it will spread out and draw a wide line like a paint brush if you apply enough pressure. I think that's cool. I also have a more professional set of permanent markers that have a sharp tip on one end and a wide tip on the other. They make me dizzy if I use them for too long...especially in an un-vented room. I've also kept lots of the kids crayola markers that they used to need for school. I've got colored sharpies too.
But it's not just markers. I like colored pencils and crayons and paints and watercolor pencils and colored chalk and oil pastels....pretty much any art supply. Oh...and school supplies. I always, always have to get myself some paper and other junk when the school supplies come out. I even like the smell of the school supply area in the store. Hmmm...maybe I'm sharing too many secrets. But fresh paper and pens have so much potential. Potential that I'll never meet. But don't you think that it is wonderful to have that fresh start every fall??
Don't the markers in these pictures just say "pick me, pick me"? The do to me. :-) OK, I'll stop.
You know, the odd thing about my love of markers is that I don't really use them very much. Part of it is that I don't take the time to do it, the other part is that I don't have much confidence in my drawing ability. I can do it if I really try...but I don't seem to make the time to try.
But in spite of that, there are times when the markers do come in handy. We were encouraged to do thumbnail sketches when I was in school for Graphic Design. They are small and quick sketches to get your ideas onto paper. I don't make them for all of my projects, but there are times when they really help. I work for a small company that makes banners for the street poles of little towns. My client wanted to see some designs with a sunset and a pheasant. So I did my rough sketches.
Then I scanned the rough sketches and recreated them in Illustrator. Then I sent the cleaned up digital proof to my client. She was happy with the designs and even ended up selling one right away. She will be putting the design in their Spring catalog. And since I'm sharing secrets...I will admit that I think that is pretty cool. :-)
So I guess maybe it's OK to love markers...even if I just use them to make rough sketches....and if I don't spend too much time smelling them. Ideas have to start somewhere, maybe they just come out of the tip of a pen. I think I better go and see if I can squeeze a few more ideas out of one.

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