Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Frosted Morning

Every sunrise is a little different at the farm. This is what I saw on Sunday morning. Beautiful yellows and oranges as the sun peeked up to greet the day.

This is pretty much the same spot a few weeks ago at a different time of day.

And this was the sunrise a week ago.

It changes with the season, with the weather, with the time of day....but all have a unique beauty.
On Sunday I noticed this little wisp of smoke coming from between the trees. It's reassuring somehow to see some life way over there in Wisconsin. Do they enjoy the sunset on the Minnesota side like we enjoy the sunrise?

As the sun was coming up, the moon was setting. What a difference a week makes.

This view is next to the barn, in the barn yard...not a very nice place to be as the snow melts and things start to thaw out....but the view is still pretty.

As the sun came up things started to change all around me. The trees had been bare in the beginning....
...but slowly, as the sun came up, a beautiful frost started to coat the trees.

Little by little it coated almost everything.

Even the fence posts were frosted....glittery and white.

And the trees in the valley took on an ethereal glow.

From sort of drab into a winter wonderland.

It's called hoarfrost...which I always thought was a bad name for something so pretty.

But regardless of the name, I think it's worth a closer look.

It's winter here, it's not leaving anytime soon.

Might as well find the beauty in it where ever we can.

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